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About Me

To quote an old Hollywood saying I was truly “born in a trunk”.

My mother was born in Italy and worked as an actress there before emigrating to America in 1946. She married my father after moving to Los Angeles.
For more than 40 years my dad worked in Hollywood as a film executive, including as executive vice president and general manager of Columbia Pictures back in the ’50s.

I worked in commercials and film as a child. Later after high school, I joined my Dad in the film industry. I went back to college in my early thirties to study photography. I also toured with the Beach Boys and mingled with many Hollywood elites of the 60's, 70's & 80's.

I pursued many careers after Hollywood including hosting a radio show in NYC, real estate, photography and advocating for small businesses and families.

I’ve traveled extensively, am married and have a son, three daughters and a fur baby. 

I am a passionate lover of music, travel, photography, the ocean and of course, film.


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